Value for Money

Ayeri Scents offer excellent value for money due to several factors:

Concentrated Formulation

Ayeri Scents  are highly concentrated, containing a the highest percentage of fragrance oils compared to other types of fragrances. This concentration ensures that a small amount of perfume oil goes a long way. You only need a few drops or a gentle dab to experience the full fragrance, making the product last longer compared to alcohol-based perfumes or colognes.

Longer Lasting

Ayeri fragrances tend to have better staying power on the skin compared to alcohol-based fragrances. The slow evaporation rate of oil fragrances allows the scent to linger for an extended period. This means you can enjoy the fragrance throughout the day without the need for frequent reapplication. You get more hours of scent from a single application, reducing the need to purchase or use as much product over time.

Customisable Application

Ayeri perfumes offer the advantage of customisable application. With Ayeri Scents, you have control over the amount of fragrance you apply. This precision application ensures that you can use just the right amount to suit your preferences, avoiding wastage. You can also mix or layer perfume oil with other scented products to create unique and personalised combinations, expanding the versatility and value of the product.

Multi-Purpose Usage

Ayeri Scents serve multiple purposes beyond personal fragrance. You can add a few drops of oil fragrance to unscented body lotions, oils, or bath products to infuse them to create an aromatherapy scent. This versatility allows you to enhance the fragrance of other products you already own, extending their lifespan and adding value to your overall fragrance collection.

Signature Scents

Ayeri Scents offer the opportunity to create your own signature scent. By blending different fragrance oils together, you can develop a unique scent that reflects your personal style and preferences. This customisation allows you to have a distinct and personalised fragrance that sets you apart. Investing in Ayeri Scents for this purpose offers long-term value as you can enjoy your signature scent without relying on pre-made fragrances.

Higher Quality Ingredients

Ayeri Scents utilise high-quality ingredients, including French perfume oils. These ingredients not only provide a luxurious and authentic fragrance experience but also contribute to the overall value of the product. The use of quality ingredients ensures that the fragrance is rich, complex, and long-lasting, delivering a premium experience that justifies its value.

Considering the concentrated formulation, longer-lasting nature, customisable application, multi-purpose usage, ability to create signature scents, and higher quality ingredients, oil fragrances offer excellent value for money. They provide a long-lasting and versatile fragrance experience, allowing individuals to enjoy their preferred scents while maximising the longevity and efficiency of the product.