Fragrance Stability

Ayeri Scents offer stability in several aspects, ensuring that the scent remains consistent and preserved over time. Here's how Ayeri provide stability:

Longer Shelf Life

Ayeri Scents generally have a longer shelf life compared to alcohol-based fragrances. The absence of alcohol, which can evaporate and degrade the scent over time, contributes to the stability of oil fragrances. The concentrated nature of the perfume oils used in oil fragrances helps preserve the scent, allowing it to maintain its integrity for an extended period.

Slower Oxidation

Ayeri Scents oxidise at a slower rate compared to alcohol-based fragrances. Oxidation can cause fragrances to change in scent and become less desirable over time. The slower oxidation process of oil fragrances ensures that the scent remains more consistent and true to its original formulation, preserving the desired olfactory experience.

Reduced Sensitivity to Temperature

Oil fragrances are generally less sensitive to temperature fluctuations compared to alcohol-based fragrances. Extreme temperatures can affect the stability and composition of fragrances, potentially altering their scent profile. Oil fragrances, with their lower volatility and slower evaporation rate, are slightly more resilient to temperature changes, making them suitable for different climates and environments. 

Improved Scent Projection

Ayeri Scents offer a more sustained and controlled scent projection. Ayeri adheres to the skin, releasing its aroma gradually over time. This controlled release ensures that the fragrance remains stable in terms of scent intensity and projection, providing a consistent olfactory experience throughout the day.

Customisable Storage Options

Light can degrade oil fragrances and impact their stability. By using appropriate storage options, individuals can further enhance the stability of their Ayeri scent, safeguarding the scent from external factors that may compromise its quality.

Resistance to Evaporation

Ayeri Scents have a lower evaporation rate compared to alcohol-based fragrances. The slow evaporation of Ayeri helps maintain the stability of the scent, ensuring that it lingers on the skin or in the air for a longer duration. This resistance to evaporation contributes to the stability of the fragrance, allowing individuals to enjoy the scent for an extended period without the need for frequent reapplication.

Overall, the absence of alcohol, slower oxidation rate, reduced sensitivity to temperature, improved scent projection, customisable storage options, and resistance to evaporation contribute to the stability of oil fragrances. These factors help ensure that the scent remains consistent, preserved, and enjoyable over time, providing individuals with a stable and reliable fragrance experience.