Fragrance Versatility

Ayeri Scents offer versatility in their usage and application, allowing for a range of ways to enjoy and experience the scents. Here's how Ayeri offers versatility:

Personal Fragrance

Ayeri Scents can be directly applied to the skin as a personal fragrance. By dabbing the perfume oil onto pulse points such as the wrists, neck, or behind the ears, individuals can enjoy the scent throughout the day. The concentrated nature of Ayeri Scents ensures that a little goes a long way, allowing for precise application and customisation.

Fragrance Layering

Ayeri Scents can be easily layered with other scented products such as body lotions, moisturisers, or oils. By combining the fragrance oil with these products, individuals can create a unique and personalised scent experience. Layering allows for customisation, enhancing the longevity and complexity of the fragrance while adding a subtle touch of scent to the skin.

Bath and Body Products

Ayeri Scents can be incorporated into bath and body products such as bath oils, shower gels, or body creams. By adding a few Ayeri oil drops to these products, individuals can transform their bathing or skincare routine into a scented indulgence. This versatility allows for a fragrant and luxurious experience during self-care rituals. Best used with products that are unscented.


Ayeri fragrances can be used in aromatherapy practices, such as diffusers or oil burners, to create a calming and relaxing environment. The versatility of oil fragrances extends to their ability to enhance well-being and create a desired ambiance in living spaces.

Fragrance Customisation

Ayeri Scents offer the flexibility to create unique and personalised scents. Individuals can blend different fragrance oils together, creating their own signature fragrance. This customisation allows for endless possibilities, catering to individual preferences and creating a truly unique scent experience.

Portable and Travel-Friendly

Ayeri Scents are packaged in small and compact bottles, making them convenient for on-the-go use. The portability of Ayeri Scents allows individuals to carry their favourite scents wherever they go, ensuring they can refresh their fragrance throughout the day or while traveling.

The versatility of Ayeri Scents allows individuals to explore various applications and enjoy the scents in different ways. Whether as a personal fragrance, through layering, in bath and body products, for aromatherapy, customisation, or for portable use, oil fragrances offer a range of options to suit individual preferences and lifestyle needs.