Unique Fragrance Experience

Ayeri Scents can vary from person to person due to the unique natural scent of an individual's skin. Each person has a distinct body chemistry, influenced by factors such as diet, hormones, and genetics, which can interact with fragrance oils in different ways. This interaction between the fragrance and an individual's skin chemistry creates a personalised scent that that offers a unique experience .

Skin pH

Each person has a different pH level on their skin, which can affect how a fragrance interacts with their body chemistry. The pH level can alter the scent of the fragrance, making it smell slightly different on each individual. For example, a fragrance that smells floral and fresh on one person might lean more towards a sweet or musky scent on another due to variations in skin pH.

Body Heat

Body heat plays a significant role in how a fragrance develops and projects on an individual. Heat can enhance the volatility of certain fragrance notes, causing them to evaporate faster and reveal different aspects of the scent. This interaction between body heat and fragrance can result in variations in the way a fragrance smells from person to person.

Skin Moisture

There's a simple rule of thumb to follow: The oilier your skin is, the less perfume you need for the scent to be impactful, and the longer the scent will last. The moisture level of the skin can affect how fragrance molecules bind and release, ultimately influencing the scent. Oily or well-moisturised skin tends to hold fragrance molecules longer, leading to a more potent and longer-lasting scent. On the other hand, dry  skin may cause the fragrance to evolve and fade more quickly.

Natural Body Odour

Each person has a unique natural body odour, influenced by factors such as genetics, diet, and lifestyle. These natural scents can interact with the fragrance, creating a personalised blend of notes. The natural body odour can either harmonise or clash with the fragrance, altering the overall scent experience for an individual.

Due to these factors, oil fragrances can have a unique and individualised scent on different people. It's important to understand that what smells pleasant on one person may not have the same effect on another due to the interplay between body chemistry and fragrance. Therefore, it's always advisable to try a fragrance on your own skin to assess how it interacts and develops, as personal skin chemistry can significantly influence the final fragrance experience.