Fragrance Customisation

Ayeri Scents offers a high level of customisation, allowing individuals to create unique and personalised scent experiences. Here's how Ayeri provide customisation options:

Application Techniques

The way oil fragrances are applied can also contribute to customisation. Individuals can experiment with different application techniques, such as applying Ayeri oil to specific pulse points, or even in the hair. These variations in application can result in different scent projections and experiences, allowing for personalised customisation.


Ayeri Scents can be easily layered with other scented products such as body lotions, oils, or creams. By combining different fragrance oils or pairing them with scented body products, individuals can create their own customized scent blend. Layering fragrances adds depth and complexity, allowing for a personalised and distinctive fragrance profile.


Ayeri Scents can be blended together to create entirely new scent compositions. By mixing different fragrance oils in varying proportions, individuals can craft their own signature fragrances. This blending process allows for endless possibilities, enabling individuals to experiment and find combinations that resonate with their unique preferences.


Ayeri oils can be diluted with a neutral carrier oil, such as jojoba oil or almond oil, to adjust their intensity or create a milder scent. This customisation option is particularly useful for individuals who prefer a more subtle fragrance or want to control the strength of a particular note in the fragrance. Alternatively, ethanol is another way the scent can be used to not only dilute the scent, creating an Edu Perfume or Edu Toilette scent.

Signature Scents

Businesses have the opportunity to create their own signature scent. By carefully selecting and blending fragrance oils that resonate with their brand and ambiance, allowing them to develop a unique fragrance that becomes their brand olfactory identity. This signature scent sets them apart and becomes an expression of their brand.

Custom Fragrance Creation

Ayeri Scents offers the option of custom fragrance creation. Through consultations, businesses can work with our fragrance experts to develop a fragrance tailored specifically to their preferences. This process involves selecting specific fragrance notes, discussing scent preferences, and collaborating to create a truly one-of-a-kind signature fragrance.

Ayeri provides a versatile platform for customisation, allowing individuals to experiment, blend, and personalise their scent experiences. Whether through layering, blending, dilution, application techniques, or even custom fragrance creation, oil fragrances offer a range of options for individuals to create their own unique and tailored fragrances.